likely-eating-gymTired of not having the guidance you need when starting healthy decisions?

Not really sure on how to read food labels?

Not understanding which food is really better for your body?

Want to start weekly meal plans, but not sure where to start?

I can help!

Helping others is more of a passion to me than a “job”.  My different programs are designed to fit what seems best for you and your budget. No single diet fits every person and that is what’s unique about what I offer as a Health Coach.

**Now accepting clients in all regions via FaceTime**

After our 6 month program, you will have learned:

  • To better assess stress and anger
  • Healthier way of life
  • Less sugar cravings
  • Manageable weight
  • Reached personal goals
  • Cooking more at home meals
  • Not be consumed by marketing schemes
  • Adequate sleep
  • Reading food labels
  • Better money management
  • So much more!

Check out the programs below and let me know which works best for you.  If you can’t decide, we can make a decision together following your free health history.

1.  $120 monthly for 6 months

What you get:

  • Free Health History consultation
  • 50 minute sessions bi-weekly
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Simple healthy recipes
  • Handouts specific to your needs and goals

2.  $200 monthly for 6 months (suffering from disease)

What you’ll get is everything included in package #1 as well as:

  • Weekly meal plans
  • Overview of your lab values

*My Bachelors degree is in Dietetics, however, I am not a Registered Dietitian.

3.  $150 monthly for 6 months

What you will get is everything included in package #1 as well as:

  • Special workouts according to your needs
  • Proper knowledge on how to monitor your vitals (Pulse rate, Respiration rate, bld pressure)
  • List of proper nutrition to intake before and after workouts

4.  $90 12 Week program

For quick results, recommended for those already driven and dedicated to making a difference for their health.

  • Weekly nutritious meal plans
  • Workouts (no gym equipment required)
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Meal Prep tips

5.  Weekly Meal Plans

This one is specific to your needs so, here is the pricing and what’s included:

  • $50 for 7 days worth of planned meals with recipes.
  • Storing suggestions according to your lifestyle (work, gym, tavel, etc).

*Add to any for additional price of $50 monthly

  • Peek in the pantry/fridge
  • Grocery store tour
  • Meditation tips

Don’t forget to ask about special discounts on packages!

Contact me via email about prices on packages for corporate wellness or one time group discussions.